Thursday, October 23, 2014

31 Days of Scripture Art Journaling::Day 27: Painting Patterns, John 6

If you're new to Scripture Art Journaling, start here.
Today I was at a loss for things to do, so I reverted to painting geometric patterns.
Think lines from day 2, with color.
Let's start.

Day 27: Painting Patterns 
John 6

I read John 6. I love the loaves and the fishes.
How he takes our not enough and turns it into overflowing.
It doesn't matter who we are {a small boy, a tired momma}
or what we have {smelly fish or dirty laundry}
as long as we are willing to give it to Him
with open hands.

He is a takes it from us, uses it to feed and bless and nourish others, 
and then gives it back to us, in abundance. 

More than we could ever ask or even imagine.

13 So they gathered them and filled twelve baskets with the pieces
 of the five barley loaves left over by those who had eaten.
John 6:13

So, then the question, for me, remains...
why do I hold my life, my time, my money,
my kids, my art, my marriage
with such tightly clenched fists?

When I know in my head that He takes my broken mess and makes it beautiful.
And yet I sit here clinging so tightly to my little pile of rubble, holding on for dear life.

I know in my head He is good.
I know in my head that he always always always provides.
I know that this life is not my own.
And each day I have to pry my little life out of my own clenched fists
to hand it over to the only One who can truly give me life.

 I hold on so tight to my stuff because I start to believe the lie

God is not for you.
God is not on your side.

It's so subtle that I barely notice it.
It just creeps in quietly and before I know I look down and
I'm weighed down with all of this stuff again:
my money, my marriage, my kids, my time

I think it's discipline, a habit, of consciously laying my messy life
my loaves and fishes
at the feet of Jesus each morning and waiting
 in eager expectation as He picks it up and
uses it to feed and bless and nourish others. 
Standing in awe as He gives it back to me, in abundance. 


{Nothing new}



black ink

super skinny brush

Step 1: Make your background.

Choose 3 colors. Spread them around one side of the journal to make a streaky look.
Close your journal while it is freshly wet in order to "stamp" the other side
of the journal.

Step 2: Paint an image on your background.
I chose the loaves and the fishes, of course.

Step 3: Paint your pattern.
Start with thick stripes of any color.

Add 2 more colors of stripes above and below your first color.

Step 4: Paint details on your pattern.

Refer to the activity you did on Day 2 for more ideas.
Think: dots, x's, dashes, zigzag.
Then combine: dash, dot, dash, dot, etc.

Let that coat dry and paint details on top of your details
in contrasting colors.

Step 5: Outline the image 

with black ink and a tiny paint brush.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

DIY Halloween Sign

Halloween decorating day is BIG around here.
They are at the perfect magical holiday ages, 3 and 6,
when a little cardboard skeleton from the dollar store
will keep them happy for weeks. or at least minutes. or at least 30 seconds.

Have I expressed my deep gratitude and love for dollar tree & $.99 Store lately?
I think I get more excited than my kids when I find stuff for $1.
We found everything you see here (except for the sign & the window)
between those 2 stores.

I made this bunting last year.
{tutorial here}

Mini pumpkins: $.99 Store.
Glittery crow: $.99 Store

Spiders on webs: Dollar Tree

Cute little owl: Doller Tree

So I feel really silly creating a tutorial for this project.

1.) For the wood: Buy an enormous piece of wainscoting from Lowe's.
Paint it white & saw it & sand it.
(Or try to get your husband to.)
Drill holes in the top.

2. Paint: Happy Halloween on it with a bunch on candy corns on the bottom.

3. Let it dry & hang!

Ha! Riveting. I know.

Now for my Halloween house tour,
masterfully curated by my 3 and 6 year old.
They were seriously, so excited about taping cardboard pictures to
the wall that I didn't have the heart to say no!

One day they will not jump up and down, giddy with anticipation,
 when I pull the Halloween box out of the garage.
But today, they do, so today we are letting them have their say.

Here's Jack & Josh's Halloween-themed collage wall.

An original work.

A pumpkin family reunion.

And Jack was adamant that we put one right by the potty,
for entertainment purposes, of course.

 Jack & Josh:
Gathering inspiration at the pumpkin patch


Monday, October 20, 2014

31 Days of Scripture Art Journaling::Day 26: Creating Fold-Outs, John 5

Start here 

Day 26: Creating Fold-Outs

For today's journal page I read John 5.
This verse is the one I chose to journal:

19 So Jesus said to them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, the Son can do nothing of his own accord, but only what he sees the Father doing. For whatever the Father does, that the Son does likewise. 20 For the Father loves the Son and shows him all that he himself is doing. And greater works than these will he show him, so that you may marvel.
John 5: 19-20

Jesus says this just after he healed the man on the Sabbath. 
Right before he healed him he asked him, "Do you want to be healed?"
I love that. And the guy makes up an excuse for why he can's possibly be healed, 
and then Jesus heals him, and he takes his mat & walks away. 

What struck me about this verse, and what I feel like God keeps coming back to with me
is that I am right where I am supposed to be.
Right where God wants me. 
He's put me here for a specific purpose, and given me these specific gifts, 
so that we may marvel. 
Together. You and me.

"For the Father loves his daughter and shows her all that he himself is doing."
Isn't that amazing? He invites us into his story.
so that we may see Him and marvel.

Most of the time I walk around writing my own story, 
asking God to bless it, instead of asking Him how I can join in His story.
I love this picture of Jesus looking to the Father to see what he does, 
and simply doing the same.

That's my assignment. 
That's all I need to do. 
Look to my Father, and DO what he wants me to DO. 

Let's journal. 

I made fold-outs from paper scraps for this page.
These are simply pieces of paper, glued to your page, that fold-out.

{Nothing new}





black ink

super skinny brush

Step 1: Make your background.

Dip a paper towel into each color to spread it
 around the page with a streaky look.

Step 2: Make Your Fold-outs
Take a piece of patterned paper, text, or music for your fold out.

Fold them, about an inch wide, vertically.

Fold each sheet almost in half, but not quite.


Cut out the bottom right corner.

Flip it over.

Glue only the long skinny upper right rectangle down.

Go through the same process or a fold out on the left side of your journal.
*Glue only the thin rectangle part down, so the rest can fold out.

Add another fold out to the bottom, if you have room.
Paint gesso over the text so you can jourbal on it.

Step 3:Fold-up your fold-outs.
Add pretty paper to the page with ModPodge.

Step 4: Paint 
Add paint to the page.
Paint your verse with black ink and teeny tiny brush.

Step 5: Add details.
Stripes, circles, color, whatever.

And more details...

Step 6: Open up your fold-outs & paint them.

I painted some other verses that came to mind, in the fold-outs.

Voila! Have fun with this one.